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Many dog parents, myself included, are always searching for all natural dog treat recipes to ensure that the treats we give our dogs are safe, healthy and palatable.

I have been making treats for my dog for a long time now, and over the years, I have collected and also made up quite a few recipes that my dog likes.

I thought it would be nice if other dogs could enjoy such treats as well, hence the idea of creating this website - to share these recipes with you!

Why You Should Bookmark This Site

  • Healthy Ingredients: The recipes that you find on this site use only natural ingredients that are healthy for dogs, so rest assured that you can safely pamper your furkids with these treats.

    I have spent a lot of time reading and researching about food items, herbs, and natural supplements for dogs while making my first site, Natural Dog Health Remedies, and I make use of my knowledge to incorporate herbs and other supplements in some of my dog treat recipes.

  • Easy to Make: Most recipes here are very straightforward and easy to make. No fancy stuff - just plain old healthy dog treats.
  • Useful Information: You can also find a lot of useful information about different natural dog treat ingredients - their nutritional values, why they are good for dogs, and how to use them in making dog treats.
  • Dogs with Special Needs: Dogs who have health issues (e.g. diabetes, kidney problems, cancer, etc.) need to be pampered too. You will find dog treat recipes with special ingredients that are suitable for such dogs.

So get ready and let's get bakin'!

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Happy Baking!