About FidoBakery.com and Me

THANK YOU for visiting Fidobakery.com.

I sincerely hope that you like the recipes and information on this website and that you have started making homemade dog treats for your dog(s)!

If you are wondering who created FidoBakery.com and wrote all the pages on this site, well, here I am! My name is Hazel Ketko, and I started this site in August 2014. I love dogs (and cats too :) and grew up with dogs and cats around me. I am now owned by Hana, my 12-year-old mutt who is an exotic mix of Shiba-inu and Golden Retriever.

I don't know about you, but I like making treats for my dog. It's rewarding to see how excited she is when she sees me working in the kitchen. For some reason, she knows every time that I am baking for her!

I do not like making complicated treats with different colors and decorations - let's face it, our dogs can't tell the difference between a biscuit that is red or green, and they don't care! I think dog treats should be easy to make so that we won't be deterred from making them, and that they should of course be healthy, safe, and yummy to our dogs.

I like to experiment, and since I have learned a lot about herbs, supplements and other health foods for dogs when I was doing my first site, Natural Dog Health Remedies, I always try using different herbs and healthy foods while making up dog treat recipes. So far, my dog has given her 4-paw approval to all my treats - that's encouraging!

If you are just starting out to bake for your dog, don't feel intimidated. Just do it - it's fun, it's easy, and it's really rewarding. If you are an expert in making dog treats, you are welcome to share your recipes on this site.

If you find this site useful, please tell your friends about it. If you have any suggestions and comments about this site, or if you want to share your recipes, please feel free to use this form to contact me.