Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Want to make sure that the dog biscuits and treats that you are giving to your dog are safe and healthy? Your best bet is to make the treats yourself! You can find various healthy dog biscuit and other treat recipes on this page that help you make treats and snacks that not only are palatable but also nutritious to dogs.

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Your dog is what she eats! If you feed her a healthy diet with healthy snacks, she will most likely live a healthier and longer life.

Many low-quality store-bought dog treats are loaded with unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, salt, and potential allergens like wheat and corn. They may also contain harmful chemicals.

We have also been bombarded by horrid stories about tainted chicken jerky from China that killed quite a few dogs.

Dogs are members of our families and should be treated as such. I simply refuse to feed my dog treats and foods that may pose any health risks to her. I am sure you feel the same way - otherwise you wouldn't have searched high and low for healthy treat recipes for your dog, would you?

What Constitutes A Healthy Dog Treat?

Of course, a healthy treat should contain natural ingredients that are safe, and healthy for dogs.

Also, a healthy dog biscuit, for example, should not contain harmful and unnecessary substances, such as chemicals that are used for artificial colors and flavors, or artificial preservatives.

Finally, the treat must be fresh - it should not be old and moldy! See this section for information regarding natural preservatives and storing dog treats.

A Collection of Healthy Dog Biscuit/Treat Recipes

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